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MarketingLens Ltd. Ireland

MarketingLens is proud to have an executive team of Senior Ex-Google, Ex-Facebook, Ex-Oracle & Ex-Accenture digital experts. We have several decades of combined experience in the field of digital marketing strategy, data analytics and international project management.


MarketingLens - Berti


CEO & Head of Digital


Berti worked with Google for over 5 years as a Senior Marketing Project Manager.
He oversaw and supported various VIP clients across the E-commerce & FinTech industries, including Paypal, Regus, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and some of the largest banks and fintech clients in Europe. Fun fact: he is an avid chess fan as it helps with strategic thinking.

MarketingLens Balazs


Head of Marketing Science


Balazs has more than 15 years’ worth of experience in analytics, data science and machine learning engineering, having spent most of his time in the consulting sector. He previously worked in large firms such as Oracle and Accenture as well as boutique consulting companies before joining MarketingLens to build our data analytics department. Balazs now architects digital-focused data and analytics solutions, and currently oversees all our marketing analytics, machine learning, tracking & measurement and attribution projects.

Ely MarketingLens Digital Marketing Agency

Ely L.

Head of Product & Growth Strategy

Ely gained experience across a wide range of industries during his 8+ years at Google. His expertise is in Branding and Video marketing strategies, where he worked with the world’s top CPG (FMCG) advertisers on multi-market, global campaigns. During his time at Google he also worked to grow clients in a variety of verticals, with a focus on their audience and remarketing strategies, especially in the Retail, B2B / lead gen, Travel, and Education verticals. Ely is passionate about understanding a client’s business as a necessary first step in being able to advise them on the right path towards growth.
Fun fact: Ely likes to play Berti at chess, and usually wins. It helps with his strategic thinking and self-esteem.

MarketingLens Julia


Operations Manager


Julia is a highly trained, multilingual partner in our company who oversees our business operations. Having gained management experience as a diplomat, she brings consistency, advanced delegation skills, and quick and cost-effective handling of challenges into our company.

MarketingLens Steven



Steven has over 20 years of experience in web development, computer programming, managing development teams and customer service. He also has vast experience in server operations and Linux environments.

MarketingLens Stefano

Stefano A.

Digital Analytics Manager

Stefano has extensive expertise in digital marketing, digital analytics, marketing experimentation, measuring advertising effectiveness and data science. He has worked in some of the top tech companies in the industry, including Google and Facebook, as well as two unicorn start-ups, supporting their growth to over $5Bn and over $17Bn valuation, respectively. Stefano has been working with Google Ads & Google Analytics for 12+ years and was the first person to work on GA for the Italian market, advising all top Italian and several other European web companies. Stefano has a proven track record of delivering successful projects, with a strong passion for technology and innovation, and the experience to drive business growth.

MarketingLens origin map

Our Origin and mission

MarketingLens’ origin is based in Dublin, Ireland, commonly referred to as the Silicon Valley of Europe, since many global industry-leading tech firms are headquartered here. And this is precisely what MarketingLens’ foundation is built on: deep technical expertise coupled with business acumen and ambition. We channel this energy into our clients’ growth and success, while we also strive to stay on the bleeding edge.

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MeasureSummit 2024

The power of native data transfers in BigQuery - Oct 2024

TechConnect - Sales and Marketing Summit Dublin

TechConnect - Sales and Marketing Summit Dublin

How to power up your digital marketing with data & analytics - 13th Sept 2022

New AI and New Data in Digital Marketing - 13th Sept 2023

Ecommerce Unpacked Dublin

Ecommerce Unpacked Dublin

How to power up your digital marketing with data & analytics - 8th Nov 2022

Protechtor E-Commerce Business webinar

Protechtor E-Commerce Academy webinar

How do we exploit the potential of data analytics in the digital world? -  9th Feb 2021 

Data science methods for analysing customer behaviour patterns - 10th Jun 2021

Data science methods for analysing customer behaviour patterns 2.0 - 24th Mar 2022

FutureTrade conference

FutureTrade conference

More channels, more data: data science for the right decisions - 8th Sept 2021


MeasureSummit 2023

Data Science and Machine Learning Approaches for E-commerce - Oct 2023 

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