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Ipon is one of the largest ecommerce websites in CEE specializing in electronic products and computers, with over 100,000 products. It is present in Germany, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

They are known for their customer focus and low prices which, coupled with a wide range of products and expertise, has helped them grow and make a significant mark in the market. Ipon aims to help customers keep moving forward by enhancing the user experience.
Our companies have been working together since April 2019. Marketinglens helps Ipon with a 360 degree digital export strategy on several fronts to help them grow in the market.

Some key services are the structure and maintenance of Google Analytics measurements, Google Tag Manager management, search engine optimization (SEO), conversion-based optimization (CRO), as well as ad management on Facebook and Google.

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Extreme Digital by Emag

Extreme Digital is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the CEE region, with over 1 million products in 7 countries.
All this time, MarketingLens has been integrated into the company’s marketing team.
MarketingLens manages all the digital marketing campaigns in 7 countries. We are also responsible for the success of the year’s most significant events, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where we can proudly say that the MarketingLens team reached record sales year after year.

We also actively manage weekly/monthly promotion activities and campaigns for global brands like Apple, Samsung, HP and Xiaomi. Working together in the first year, we managed to increase the ROI by 40%. We achieved it by focusing on a deep understanding of the business and developing strategies for advanced audience targeting, competitor analysis, and pricing, to name a few.

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Xeropan is a gamified language learning application built by English-language teachers.
In 2020, Xeropan was chosen by Google as one of the 9 best startup applications within the framework of the Google Accelerator programme, and they got a VC investment because of the vast opportunity in their startup.
Xeropan and MarketingLens have a long-term partnership, and we have been working together from the beginning. We manage their platforms (Google, Social Media, Apps). In addition, we have set up and configured some advanced application measurements for them, which is one of the keys to their success.
App digital marketing campaign management can be tricky and challenging to implement across many countries. Nonetheless, we did our best, and now Xeropan is available in 17 languages in more than 160 other countries. After the first year, we reached 100% of ROAS and more than 1.5 million active users!

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Pompomnatur.de is a well-established cosmetics brand that uses natural ingredients and is present in three European countries. Since 2014, its products have offered relief to many people with skin problems and have helped prevent them. The success lies in combining high-quality, natural ingredients and innovative cosmetic developments.

PomPom and MarketingLens have a very close relationship, which is one of the keys to PomPom’s success. The first challenges that MarketingLens had to solve were some industry-specific policy issues and other setup and measurement problems. So we started the process by deep-diving into the business to better understand the customer data and behaviour so that we could develop a more tailored 360-degree digital marketing strategy. We enriched the data, created a new social plan, optimized the audience segments, and set up a new structure in Google Ads to reach the right users. We introduced to the client a new KPI system to track the business performance daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, and we expanded to all the export markets. The more accurate data and the new KPI system helped PomPom gain better insights into its margin and profitability, customers and competitors in each market. As a result, we kept cost per revenue in check while scaling the business by over 30% YOY.

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VELUX is a global manufacturing company headquartered in Denmark that specialises in roof windows, skylights, sun tunnels and related accessories. 

The Velux brand is well known, and its products are widely available, with 27 production sites in 11 countries and sales companies in 38 countries, employing over 12,000 people.

MarketingLens has its data analytics department – Loupe Digital – that helps Velux build and maintain high-impact business intelligence dashboards and reports for various departments across the supply chain, digital marketing, operations and finance in over 20 countries. One of the core dashboards we help maintain is in the online sales territory, gathering data from over 30 different sources and being one of the most widely used reports in the company

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Carne Group

Carne Group is a Dublin-based fund management solutions provider and leading third-party alternative investment manager. Its proprietary technology platform is used in the fund management process and handles $2 trillion of global assets.

Before securing a €100 million investment from Vitruvian, MarketingLens provided Carne – as part of a major rebranding exercise – an in-depth measurement strategy, tactical SEO audit and 360-degree competitor analysis.
The SEO audit and strategy contained numerous recommendations (both low-hanging fruits and long-term changes) to improve organic reach and brand recognition, as well as a thorough analysis of the digital maturity of their competitors, to inform Carne’s growth strategy.

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OTP Bank

OTP Bank Group has been one of the largest independent financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe for more than 70 years.
The bank serves clients in 11 countries, with more than 16 million customers, 40,000 employees, and more than 100 subsidiary companies.
MarketingLens has been helping OTP since the beginning of 2021 in expanding their analytics capabilities into the digital marketing space by leveraging Google BigQuery to ingest digital/web data from various sources and aligning it with their internal Big Data and analytics environment. The work includes setting up data transfers as well as building API connectors to gather data from the most important digital platforms, integrating digital marketing data from multiple sources, creating dashboards (e.g. comparing paid and organic search performance), designing automated data processes to optimise digital advertising activities (increasing return on ad spend) and also architecting the framework to bring all this data in-house where it can combine with the bank’s data, yielding more profound insights and driving more revenue and cost-efficiency. Our in-depth understanding of data privacy and GDPR enables us to engineer solutions acceptable to financial institutions, with stricter policies and regulations regarding data privacy than other industries.

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