Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking

Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking

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Our digital marketing competitor analysis framework is a strategic process that helps you to identify, evaluate, and understand your rivals in the online marketplace. Digital marketing competitor analysis is crucial to stay ahead in the competitive, fast-changing online landscape. It enables you to make informed decisions and adapt your strategies, ultimately leading to improved brand visibility, uncovering untapped opportunities and increased revenue.

competitor analysis and benchmarking - market research

Market research and benchmarking

Benchmark research is a comparative analysis method that measures your company’s digital performance against industry standards and best practices.
It measures your business performance against key metrics, enabling you to identify improvement opportunities and drive growth for your business.

competitor analysis and benchmarking - your brand visibility

Your brand visibility

Do people know and search for your brand? How do you compare against other brands in your market? We can give you a very good sense of how your brand is seen in the market.
competitor analysis and benchmarking - keyword analysis

Keyword analysis

We keep an eye out on keywords your competitors are using to ensure you are also competing for the same keywords, or if not, understanding why those keywords are relevant for your competitor’s business and not yours.
competitor analysis and benchmarking - martech


We can provide an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ marketing tools and technologies on their websites. With this knowledge, we can recommend strategies to help you stay ahead of the competition.
competitor analysis and benchmarking - marketing mix

Marketing mix

We can estimate how your main competitors are using their marketing budgets to see where there might be gaps.
competitor analysis and benchmarking - technical audit

Technical audit

We will audit your website and apps to ensure they are optimized to provide the best experience for your customers
competitor analysis and benchmarking - creative comparison

Creative comparison (strengths and weaknesses) both on Google and Facebook

We can review your ad creatives across Google and Facebook and compare their quality vs. the ad creatives of your competitors on Google and Facebook.
competitor analysis and benchmarking - price comparison

Price comparison/benchmarking

We can show how your products are priced vs. other similar products in the merchant centre.
competitor analysis and benchmarking - audition insights

Auction insights - what products they appear against and how aggressive they are

We can show you who is competing in your main auctions for the same keywords and how this changes over time.


The process involves researching and comparing critical elements such as website performance, search engine optimization (SEO), social media presence, content marketing strategies, and paid advertising campaigns. Furthermore, our competitor analysis provides insights into emerging market trends and audience preferences. It also helps businesses uncover untapped opportunities, such as identifying gaps in competitors’ offerings and adjusting their marketing mix to capitalise on them.

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