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Consideration is a powerful step in the funnel, as you can capture users earlier in their decision making process. This can often be referred to as the ‘research phase’ for B2B decision makers and consumers.

We explained that sometimes product keywords would be segmented based on likelihood to convert. In reality, Tier 3 product keywords sit in the Consideration part of the funnel, and that is a good place to start.

We then start to expand into more Generic keywords. This is to capture people looking at general terms around the products. This step has to be handled with care and is dependent on a well-built unified tracking and measurement system, to ensure minimal wastage while we experiment and optimise. This test and learn phase can be expensive, especially without good data to guide decision making.

While building out a generic keyword strategy, we can start to focus on audience targeting across the internet. This can start with ‘similar’ audiences based on your remarketing lists, and can start to expand out to targeted in-market and other purchase intent audiences. This is also when it is good to start running focused social media campaigns on Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. Since we are moving across multiple, often walled-garden platforms, tracking and measurement become more and more crucial for success.

In addition to audience targeting, a placement strategy can work well for the consideration phase. However, placement strategies can be time intensive with limited incremental impact. The best option is usually to find relevant and niche industry websites and run a homepage takeover ad or a similar high impact ad format.

Content strategies can also play an important role during the consideration process. How-to videos, customer testimonials, and well-written website content can help users find the information they need during their research phase.

In conclusion, the Consideration phase of the funnel has the most flexibility and will drive the most growth for your business. This is where the complexity of the digital marketing landscape sits and requires a data-driven strategy combined with digital marketing expertise. If done correctly, you will be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors and ensure every potential customer has had the chance to consider your product or service.

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