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Custom BI and Data Solutions

Don’t gamble, use your marketing data.

Enough with the data silos – break down your walls between advertising, search, social media, web analytics and CRM data, and also bring your in-house transactional, product and customer data to life by integrating them with online data sources.

By using a holistic approach and integrated data, you can unlock deep insights on customer behaviour and marketing performance that you cannot get from the individual reporting platforms. Your first-party and in-house customer data is premium fuel for your digital advertising.

Custom BI and Data Solutions

Customer acquisition has become expensive, and to many, it is still a black box. Prospect, visitor and marketing data are dispersed in silos. Advertisers – and generally, most businesses with an online presence – are missing out on great value.

Our data engineers, analysts and scientists are equipped with not only their respective technical skills, but also with subject matter expertise in the digital marketing and customer analytics area. Our data team collaborates closely with our marketing experts and we also offer a few ways to ensure that our solutions are embedded in your business processes.

Get in touch with us to find out how your data could serve you much better.


1. Advanced marketing insights

Getting your marketing data into a database you own (or we manage for you) unleashes the power of data analytics and brings the juicy insights within reach. Examples:

  • Cut through the KPI noise and evaluate campaigns across all platforms, by Return on Advertising Spend.

  • Find keyword level improvement opportunities by merging organic and paid search data and comparing performance in both.

  • Spot sudden changes in product sales trends and immediately take action if some take off or plummet.

  • Identify lead magnet products vs products with high RoAS and establish a strategy to increase cart value.

  • Benchmark your prices against the market and continuously improve your Shopping ads.

  • And many more!

2. Customer & audience segmentation

You store valuable data on your customers that your marketing platforms have no idea about. Connect your online and offline data, break down your customer base into actionable segments and audiences, and use these to supercharge your advertising. Segments based on your own customer data are way more powerful than those created from web activity. Whether you use a CDP or a data warehouse, we help you automate segment creation and load them to marketing platforms using reverse ETL.

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3. Enhanced Engagement Analytics

Dive into the behavioural insights on your visitors and users, without the flaws and limitations of the web/app analytics tools. Get the raw data and allow our (or your own) analytics team to reveal the details of how your website or app is used.


  • Study customers’ complete online journey across your site and identify useless loops that reduce conversion

  • Not everything happens in the same session: create more realistic funnel analyses that take this into account

  • Slice and dice the data to your own liking – create visualisations that allow zooming into the questions you’re actually interested in

  • Recreate reports you got used to in Universal Analytics, but will not be available in Google Analytics 4

  • Identify and exclude bot traffic for improved accuracy

4. Holistic customer journeys

Combine data from various sources to track behaviour across channels, including offline channels and sales. Connect the dots between online activities and offline sales and use this in advertising or personalised communications. Understand how customers leverage your website, app, call centre and stores/offices to make sure you can serve them the best possible way.

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5. Personalisation

Make the best use of real estate on your website and apps – tailor content specifically to each visitor based on their interests and customer details. (Pro tip: do not invest in an expensive CDP, though if you have one already, we can make it work too – we have strong experience in embedding CDPs in companies’ technology landscape.)

6. BigQuery and cloud data warehousing

Do you have an analytics team or you simply want to make the first step? We can set up Google BigQuery for you, establish the most important data feeds or even migrate your on-premise data to the cloud.

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