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Data - Tracking & Measurement

Measure with confidence and let the data propel your business strategy

MarketingLens’ analytics team has in-depth knowledge of the cross-channel digital marketing mix. As your measurement partner, we help you understand the complexity in the numbers, generate business supporting insights and create an optimization plan. Therefore, you should choose MarketingLens as your Measurement Partner. We work closely with You and meet rigorous standards so we can deliver a measurement solution with the high standards you expect.

Our expertise covers a wide range of Data Analytics and Data Visualization platforms

Data Analytics

Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Matomo, DV360, Google Ads, AdSense, Google Ads Data Hub, Search Ads 360, YouTube, Search Console, Facebook and Google Cloud (BigQuery).

data analytics

Data Visualization

Data Studio, Power BI and Tableau

data visualization

Broad categories of
advanced solutions

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Measurement Audits

We can help you improve data collection to significantly increase confidence in measurement and recommend immediate areas to develop through comprehensive analytics, tag management system audits and tracking audits.

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Tracking and Measurement strategy

We bring you cross-channel measurement frameworks to make sure you assess each channel’s role in the digital journey – we can help you make the most out of your digital data.

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Audience insights

Get more powerful insight into how your visitors behave with quantitative research methods implemented, analyzed and reported on by our experts. We help you to create the best audience segments with the highest affinity to achieve the best possible return on your investments.

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Advanced Performance Reporting

Our dedicated Data Visualisation team builds bespoke dashboards and reports based on your business objectives, so you instantly get critical business metrics across channels, cohorts, countries, for instance, and so on.

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Mobile App Measurement and Attribution

Mobile App Measurement can be complex and requires a lot of experience. However, we can help you get app measurement data you can trust. For instance: analyze the impact of web campaigns on your app to understand when and how visitors install your app. Get a broader perspective of customer journeys, identifying all touchpoints contributing to conversions. Combine the power of the most connected SDK and server-to-server APIs for reporting.