New Market Expansion

Strategic planning and operational execution.

The internet has no borders.

Do you have a well-going e-commerce business, and you are ready to blitz-scale your export operations in several countries?
Enter international markets with a professional partner to drive growth. At MarketingLens, we help you with strategic planning and operational execution using our Launchpad framework. Trust us! We have been running online marketing campaigns in 20+ countries.

Broad categories of
advanced solutions

Marketinglens new-market-expansion-research


Before kicking off your expansion, we help you research and understand your market, industry and competitors in the countries you are planning your growth in. We help you learn more about your customers. We also go in-depth to reverse-engineer your potential competitors’ marketing mix, martech solutions they use and identify your opportunities to get ahead of them.

Marketinglens new-market-expansion-strategy


We offer our advisory services to discuss the findings from the research phase, and turn them into a digital strategy framework for you. We establish timelines and pace, budget, media planning, roadmap, analytics requirements, content strategy and campaign and branding strategy.

Marketinglens new-market-expansion-martech


If you need a new e-commerce platform or an app to launch your products in new countries, we work with you to create content and we develop a tailored systems architecture from the front-end to the back-end. In addition, we can advise you on software solutions (martech) that you will need to achieve a competitive edge to succeed.

Marketinglens new-market-expansion-growth-marketing

Growth Marketing

We cover all the aspects of digital growth marketing: social media campaigns, email automation/marketing, paid media marketing, search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimization and retention techniques. Through our ex-Google and ex-Facebook colleagues, we keep on top of the latest changes and trends in the various platforms.
Our deep expertise in Google Shopping Ads (in addition to other major e-commerce ad placements) sets us apart in the market. Our data-driven approach ensures that we continue to deliver the best performance for your campaigns.
Marketinglens new-market-expansion-reporting-and-analytics

Reporting and Analytics

As part of the campaign management, we build bespoke reports and dashboards, tied back to your business objectives, informing critical marketing and business decisions. Then, regular reviews are carried out on analytics and channel performance to surface insights and actionable takeaways. We make sure your tracking and tags are set up correctly and your web analytics tools are configured in the right way, since a robust measurement framework is a prerequisite to drawing correct conclusions and taking appropriate actions.

We constantly do our best to help our clients grow and scale. It’s a partneship. If you grow, we grow too.