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Tracking & Measurement

To know what’s going on You have to collect data


Our team is made up of highly qualified experts, some of whom have previously worked at top technology, consulting and unicorn start-up companies. We have seen Google and Facebook measurement from the “inside” and bring cutting edge knowledge, staying on top of the latest developments.

tracking and measurement web measurement

Web Measurement

  • Analytics & tagging setup and configuration
  • Advanced ecommerce tracking
  • Custom reports and dashboards in your analytics tool of choice
  • Data analysis and interpretation, regular reports with insights and recommended actions
  • Conversion tracking for leads and/or sales
  • Leverage conversions for customer acquisition audience segmentation for remarketing
  • Website and conversion rate optimization, A/B testing
  • Documentation
  • Training and support
tracking and measurement app measurement

App Measurement

  • Event tracking framework design
  • Mapping out customer journeys for app utilisation and up- & cross-sales within app
  • Custom reports and dashboards in your analytics tool of choice
  • Data analysis and interpretation, regular reports with insights and recommended actions
  • Documentation
  • Training and support
tracking and measurement export and analysis in bigquery

Export and analysis in BigQuery

  • Create a Bigquery project and export of raw Google Analytics 4 data
  • Adding data transfers from any marketing data source based on your needs, using native data transfers in BigQUery or third party connectors
  • Establishing marketing data lake
  • Negligible storage and querying cost, unlocks tremendous value

How we work

Make the most of your web and app traffic. Get enhanced reports and deeper insights utilizing back-end data and custom-made dashboards.


dropdown google analytics 4 migration

Digital Analytics platform setup and configuration

We handle all the technical complexity to implement a digital analytics platform via Google Tag Manager. We’ll ask you a bunch of easy to understand questions so you can customize the configuration to your specific needs to drive success. Given the platform limitations we ll make sure to leverage it to the maximum extent.

dropdown custom dashboards and data solutions

Custom reports and dashboards

Creating custom reports and dashboards in Google Analytics to give the client a better understanding of their website traffic and user behaviour.

tracking and measurement data analysis and interpretation

Data analysis and interpretation

Provide your monthly reports and insights to enable you to understand what is happening on your website and recommended actions or potential investigation.

tracking and measurement conversion tracking

Conversion tracking

This service would involve setting up and the tracking goals and conversions in Google Analytics, such as tracking form submissions or e-commerce transactions and importing them into Google Ads

tracking and measurement leverage conversions

Leverage Conversions for Traffic Acquisition purposes

import Conversions in Google ads

tracking and measurement remarketing and audience segmentation

Remarketing and Audience Segmentation

This service would involve setting up remarketing and audience segments in Google Analytics, which would allow the client to target specific groups of users based on their behaviour on the website.
tracking and measurement ecommerce tracking

Ecommerce tracking

This service would involve setting up and tracking e-commerce transactions in Google Analytics, such as revenue, conversion rate, and average order value.
tracking and measurement website optimization

Website optimization

This service would involve using the data from Google Analytics to identify areas of your website that are underperforming. Coming up with Hypothesis of the issue and AB testing plans based on recommendation Conversion Rate Optimizations techniques.
tracking and measurement training and support

Training and support

This service would involve providing training and ongoing support to ensure they are able to effectively use and interpret the data from Google Analytics.
Determined to go cookieless? We can help with that too. We use the likes of Matomo and Adobe Analytics on a regular basis. We can also set up server-side tagging.

Making the complex digital landscape simple