digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

We focus on a reverse funnel optimization strategy. This means we make sure that the users who are closest to converting are captured 100% of the time, and then we build up the funnel to ensure each step is optimised to ensure maximum ROI. We explain our step-by-step approach below.

digital marketing awareness

Brand Awareness

marketing strategy consideration


Lead Conversion


app and mobile growth strategy

App & Mobile Growth Strategy

data science

Measurement and Data Science

Fuel your marketing with digital and in-house data. Identify performance levers across platforms. Understand the online behaviour of your existing and prospective customers. Drive growth and achieve measurable results with data-driven insights.

google analytics 4 migration

Google Analytics 4 migration

custom dashboards and data solutions

Custom BI and Data Solutions

Applied Marketing Data Science icon

Applied Marketing Data Science

specialized solutions

Specialized Solutions

At MarketingLens, we want to ensure that our customers are successful. In order to navigate some of the more complicated nuances of doing business in EU markets, we have developed some in-house services to make life easier for our customers.

e-privacy audit

E-Privacy Audit & GDPR Diagnostics

new market expansion

New Market Expansion

e-privacy audit

Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking

Making the complex digital landscape simple